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Apollo Vehicle Safety Limited.

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Iain Knight CEng MIMechE

Iain is the Director and Principal Engineer at Apollo Vehicle Safety Limited.


Background: He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and his career in the field of vehicle safety began in 1995. His past experience includes one year as a development engineer with Lucas Varity Light Vehicle Braking Systems, 16 years at TRL Limited (formerly the Transport Research Laboratory), and two years with Thatcham Research (the UKs Motor Insurers Repair Research Centre).


Expert Witness: Iain has a detailed understanding of the causes and consequences of accidents, derived from extensive involvement in individual case reconstruction, and development and analysis of different accident databases. He has acted as an expert witness in a range of cases where vehicle performance has been a factor in the investigation, and he has a range of courtroom experience.


Contract Research: His engineering understanding has been applied to research into defining the desired properties of a range of safety features, and developing tests or assessments to prove out those properties. This technical experience has typically been focussed in two areas:


  • primary safety features that help stop collisions from occurring in the first place

  • secondary safety features that help to reduce the injury severity during an accident


Automated Driving: Progressively the features intended to avoid collisions occurring are evolving into ever increasing automation with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and fully automated driving becoming an increasing focus of work. Once the technologies have been defined and a test developed, the accident data experience has then typically been applied to quantifying the potential casualty reduction effects. Injury savings are assessed in comprehensive cost benefit analyses, considering effects on other transport externalities such as emissions or infrastructure; as well as the economic costs attributable to all the stakeholders affected.


Commercial Vehicles: Iain has delivered research on wider transport problems involving vehicles, for example, the permitted weights and dimensions of heavy goods vehicles. This has involved expanding the topics dealt with to include the economics of freight transport, logistics practices such as slow steaming and synchro-modality; as well as increasing understanding of the environmental and infrastructure impacts of freight. He has published a wide range of research papers on these subjects, reconstructed thousands of accidents, authored legislative requirements, presented at scientific conferences and regulatory meetings, and given expert evidence in court.


Working with Clients: Any part of the research cycle (above) can be applied to new projects or cases; either in isolation, or as a whole. For example, investigating the cause of a single crash and actingn as an expert witness; or identifying the main safety problems with particular vehicle types in particular areas, designing potential solutions to those problems and prioritising action through cost benefit analyses.


Iain is increasingly working with a range of carefully selected associates; including those in the fields of vehicle testing and instrumentation, road safety, driver training, sustainability & climate change. Larger and more multi-disciplinary roles can be taken in projects as needed to benefit the client.

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