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High quality vehicle safety policies are underpinned by a sound understanding of the safety problems that need to be solved. This requires a range of data. In-depth reconstruction of accidents provides information about vehicle and road user actions and their contribution to the cause of crashes, and how the impact characteristics of vehicles and occupants contribute to the cause and severity of injuries. This type of information varies considerably between individual collisions and different crash types. Data about large quanities of crashes are then required to identify trends and patterns that allow the casualty reduction potential of different safety interventions to be quantified and prioritised, often employing rigorous cost benefit analyses.


Our principal engineer has extensive experience in all aspects of this process, including undertaking research to improve the ability to reconstruct accidents, reconstructing large quantities of crashes and compiling the results into databases, analysing both in-depth and large scale statistical data sources (such as Stats 19, CARE, EuroSTAT etc), joining the results from a variety of different datasets and using them to undertake cost benefit analysis. Provided with access to data, we can provide any of these services and a small selection of projects our principal has been involved with are highlighted below:

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