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Apollo Vehicle Safety Limited.

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Expert Witness Services

Our principal engineer has experience of providing a expert services including simple letters of advice, vehicle  and site inspections, and major investigations covering component tests, full scale vehicle tests and full mathematical reconstruction combined with other evidence.


In many cases, particularly civil claims, the cases have been settled soon after report submission. However, our principal engineer has given evidence in court in England, Wales, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Israel; including civil court, coroners court and criminal courts. The charges were Construction and Use offences, Health & Safety offences, Death by Dangerous Driving, Corporate Manslaughter, and Manslaughter.


We are able to provide expert evidence on a  wide range of vehicle safety subjects. Our specialism might be described as any collision where some feature of vehicle performance is suspected of being, or alleged to be, a possible contributory factor in the cause of the collision or the severity of it's consequences. Unusual vehicles, or sophisticated control systems are a particular specialty.


The type of case where we have most frequently provided expert witness services are as follows:

  • Commercial Vehicle Rollover

  • Allegations of contributory defects, particularly braking

  • Loss of directional control

  • Stability of car and trailer combinations

  • Inadequate load security

  • Wheel detachment

  • Cases involving questions relating to cause of injury, e.g. seat belt use, seat performance in rear impact etc.

  • Cases where there are questions of compliance with vehicle safety legislation

  • Collisions with pedestrians and cyclists, particulalrly involving questions of speed, field of view and reaction times