Project Scope

The aim of Capri is to build passenger, regulatory and market trust in autonomous pods as a practical, safe and affordable way to travel. Capri is a demonstration project that includes the design, development and testing of connected and autonomous pods, culminating in on-road public trials at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

In addition to developing autonomous vehicle technology, Capri aims to reduce the barriers to market for a commercial autonomous pod service and to contribute to the UK economy by improving the quality of British products and services, and providing experience for skilled workers to flourish so that British businesses can become more competitive in a growing international market.

OUR Role in the Project

Apollo Vehicle Safety is a sub-contractor to Loughborough University and will be providing specialist guidance with respect to vehicle regulation and type approval. Existing type approval regulation is a potential barrier to the commercial success of PODs and Apollo’s role is to help identify the key regulatory constraints and identify options for removing them, either via changes in POD design or via proposed changes to the way they will be Regulated.

Visit the Transport Safety Research Group site HERE for more information.


October 2017 – March 2020


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