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Apollo Vehicle Safety is a small, specialist, engineering consultancy focused on results. Founded in 2014, it is built on a comprehensive understanding of the problems of road traffic collisions, the potential of vehicle safety solutions to solve those problems, and the commercial and regulatory realities that must be negotiated to achieve successful casualty reduction in the real world.




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Forensic collision investigation 

A detailed understanding of collisions and injuries is the starting point for developing solutions and the end point for estimating their impact.

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Vehicle testing

Our key staff cut their teeth testing vehicles in laboratories, test tracks and on the public road. We have also helped design full scale test facilities.

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Data Analytics

We work with a variety of collision data, exposure to risk data, results from vehicle test programmes, mathematical analyses and computer simulations.

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Regulation & RatinG

We speak fluent regulation and rating. We can help you understand the context, identify the options and develop the detailed technical requirements needed.






The aim of Capri is to build passenger, regulatory and market trust in autonomous pods as a practical, safe and affordable way to travel. The pilot project includes the design and testing of connected, autonomous pods.

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HelmUK is co-sponsored by Highways England and the UK Department for Transport. It aims to gather the objective evidence to understand what is required to safely allow HGVs to form close following platoons on UK roads.



The Robopilot project will accelerate Arrival’s vision of making thinking trucks affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe, while removing the entry barriers for electric vehicles.


At Apollo Vehicle Safety we provide research and consultancy without fear or favour. We combine sound, independent science from multiple disciplines with pragmatic understanding of wider technical, economic and political reality to ensure our clients can make well-informed decisions at the time they need to be made.

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