Project Scope

HelmUK is co-sponsored by Highways England and the UK Department for Transport. It aims to gather the objective evidence necessary to understand what is required to safely allow HGVs to form close following platoons on UK roads and whether the benefits identified by international research can be achieved on the UKs road network. These are the world’s first platooning trials to take place in a live commercial operating environment, to quantify real-world benefits. It is not a demonstration.

OUR Role in the Project

Apollo has a key advisory role in the project based on our extensive experience in HGV safety and associated freight research. We are providing expert review and contribution to the development of the safety case, the design of the trial and the data to be collected, the compliance of the platooning system with UK Regulation and the interpretation of end results in terms of the effects of a wider rollout on UK Plc.

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