Project Scope

Arrival believe trucks should be affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe and aim to remove all the barriers to entry for electric vehicles. The Robopilot project will greatly accelerate the 'safety' component of Arrival’s vision in line with key objectives of both central Government and City authorities such as Transport for London. It will develop & demonstrate assisted and automated driving functionality for the recently announced electric delivery van, which can then be adapted for the planned future rollout of larger trucks and buses. It brings advanced autonomous racing technology to the light commercial vehicles market. Demonstration of SAE level 4 autonomy over a 10-mile route on mixed public roads in all weathers, and of driverless self-parking, will be planned and conducted with potential customers.

OUR Role in the Project

Apollo Vehicle Safety is a sub-contractor to Loughborough University and will be drawing on our extensive background in commercial vehicle safety to advise on the use of data to inform Arrival’s development of ADAS and Automation. We will also be helping to develop physical test procedures for the assessment of systems and finding ways in which physical testing can best work with the software simulation and verification being developed by other partners to provide real world confidence in the simulations.


March 2018 - 2020



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